We bring it a little closer

We give your events a little more attention than the average events company for the sake of your event

Event Planning and Co-ordination

We have vision and we can deploy the direction that every event needs.

Gorgeous Design Spectacular Environment

Walk into any of our events and feel like you somewhere else.

Leave It in the hands of the Specialist

We take charge of your event, you forget about it and rest assured that is all taken care off.

We work with a wide variety of vendors to ensure that you get the best products and services at the best price for your event.

Travel Agencies




Music Studios

Staging Company

Catering Services


Venue Owners

Ad Companies


Printing company

Birthday Packages in a Box

Choose from one of our pre-designed packages or contact us to specially tailor your requirements to your event

*Packages are for 50 people with the service extending for 4 hours.